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Travelling To Manali By Road – What Are The Options Available?

Travelling To Manali By Road – What Are The Options Available?

Category : Travel

Manali is a beautiful hill resort, located in the northern part of India. This small town falls under Himachal Pradesh state of India and is not far away from the country’s capital city, Delhi. Taxi from Delhi to Manali is available for those who are interested in one-way journey. However, there are up and down, both way, taxi services available at discounted rates. It all depends upon the demand of the clients.

The distance from Delhi to Manali by road is near about 1630 KM via the National Highway 44. Since a part of the journey requires going through the steep passes and hilly roads, the time it takes to reach this small valley town from Delhi is approximately 27 hours. Usually break journeys are preferred with travelers often exploring the cities of Madhya Pradesh on the way.

There is another route from Delhi available to reach Manali, i.e. the route of Chittogarh. However, this route is longer since it goes deep through the state of Rajasthan. Through this route, the time to reach Manali by taxi would be somewhere in the range of 31-32 hours.

A fine option would be to make a proper travel plan that would revolve around Rajasthan along with Manali. It can only be made possible if there is ample time available to make the tour. Otherwise, if time is short, then travelling Manali by road from Delhi may not be a nice idea. Delhi to Manali taxi services are available. There are also luxury bus facilities available. The private taxi services charge somewhere around 8-12 INR for non AC taxis and 14-18 INR for AC taxis. Multiply the rates by 10 and the amount is charged per hour basis. Whichever is higher, the client has to pay accordingly.

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